Prepping for Christmas on Ice 2013 - - Jackson, MS

Prepping for Christmas on Ice 2013

MADISON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It won't be long until you're bundling up to go ice staking again! Christmas on Ice will slide back into Madison on Saturday, November 16. The ice rink will be 14,400 feet, twice as big as last year.

Event Director Steve Hutton says this year's event will offer more of everything.

"Last year one ice slide, this year two ice slides. Last year 500 pair of skates, this year 1,000 pair of skates. Last year an 1,800-foot party pavilion, this year a 3,200-foot party pavilion," he says. "We did 375 birthday parties last year, on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. We've expanded that this year into other hours. Teachers can bring field trips," he adds.

Next week, the ice maker will be out on the property to drop off equipment and also to start building the wall around the rink. Hutton says so much goes into making a giant ice rink, including a big chiller to keep the ice frozen.

"Last year that chiller was the size of a trash dumpster behind a building. This year it's bigger than an 18-wheeler. It's so big it can't be craned into place," he says.

Tickets will cost the same as last year: $15, or $10 if you have a coupon from a sponsor.

Organizers expect more than 150,000 people to enjoy Christmas on Ice 2013. 

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