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Home construction dispute

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Jackson family is having problems with a local contractor who refused to correct or repay them for inadequate work at their home. We discovered the project may violate code and the contractor did not have the proper permit for the project. The family feels like they've been taken the cleaners.

They wanted a small overhang over their patio; nothing fancy. They found Nelson Atkinson's Total Construction listed in the phone book and in June they paid $1250 to have it built.

But there were problems, lots of them according to independent contractors and city inspectors.

"It leaks; it's got a whole bunch of flaws, broke a whole bunch of codes," said homeowner James Stringer.

Bad pitch. Sags in the middle, no tar or felt paper, no flashing. Trim around the windows loose, and the structure is not secured to the foundation.

Stringer called the City Building inspectors, the City Permit department, even the Attorney General seeking resolution. 

"We feel like we've been pushed off to the side because no one wants to take care of it and help us," said Stringer.

Reams of documents support their claims, including a court judgement against the contractor.

"(I'm) Pretty upset, real upset," added Stringer. "I just want this thing fixed or our money back."

Atkinson owes them $1314 dollars but apparently refused to pay or correct the problems.

"I gave him a check next thing I know they are gone, didn't come back; haven't done anything and he laughed in my face yes," said Stringer.

The contractor's business card from Total Construction says 25 years of experience specializing in foundations and roofs and home repairs. But while they were bonded through the city, Atkinson never purchased the required city permit for this job.

"If he can do it to us  he can do it to others," said Monica Stringer. "We've been calling everybody doing everything we can possibly do to get our money back. It makes me wonder how many other people he's done this to. Especially seniors that don't know what to do."

"I ask him when he came here, do you have to pull a permit and he told me no," added James.

When I contacted Nelson Atkinson, Senior admitted he never purchase a permit. He said he did not need one for the job because there was no electrical or plumbing work.  

When I asked Atkinson Thursday if he was going to pay the judgement, or correct the work at the Stringers home, the local contractor said he would contact them and see what he could work out.

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