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Walt's Look Around: Grenada Lake

GRENADA, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A fishing cousin of mine told me one time that if you like to fish, then Mississippi should be your home of choice, because wherever you live in Mississippi you aren't more than 30 minutes away from a good fishing lake or river, and Grenada Lake is one of them.

It might even be the best in the country for crappie. And that's not my opinion. Paul Alpers, who is the president of the Bass Pro Shops Crappie Masters All-American Fishing Trail, himself from Missouri, was the one who told me.

"Of course Grenada Lake, by far is the number one lake out here in the country," said Alpers.

And that ain't no fish tail. At the weigh in they can prove the quantity and quality of the crappie in Grenada. Grenada is one of four flood control dams and lakes in north Mississippi conceived after the flood of 1927 to hold back winter rains in the hills to keep them from flooding the Delta.

Grenada, along with Enid, Sardis and Arkabutla were on line by the 1950s. And since then their fame as good fishing lakes has spread far and wide among fisher-people, to the point that this is THE lake chosen in the nation for this fishing tournament.

"Well actually we are having our national championship here," said Alpers. "We call it the Super Bowl of Crappie Fishing. And we have 192 boats from 21 states competing for $170 thousand dollars in cash and prizes."  

Matthew Tosh is here to fish in the tournament. He's from Tennessee. Son Brandon is in the boat with him. Older son Caleb is not too far away fishing in the Junior Tournament.

Flash forward and I'll go ahead and tell you that son Caleb won his division with a two and a half pounder. That netted him a 25-hundred dollar scholarship.

Dad says he's brought the boys up fishing.

"Summertime mainly is when they like to go," said Tosh. "They are liable to bail off the back of the boat, you know."  

Fall is tingeing the shoreline now, with the sweet gums already turning. And the lake is covered with boats and hopeful people trying for the big one.

And with a tournament like this pumping better than 2 million dollars into the local economy, Grenada and Mississippi hauls in a part of the catch, too. And NEXT fall the Crappie Masters National Tournament will be back in the state, over in the Delta headquartered in Greenville, fishing Lakes Washington and Ferguson and even Chicot in south Arkansas.

The best fisher-people in the nation fishing the best lakes in the nation, right here within a half hour from anybody in Mississippi.

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