Beware of health insurance marketplace scams - - Jackson, MS

Beware of health insurance marketplace scams

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Open enrollment for the health care insurance exchange starts October 1. The Better Business Bureau is on high alert for scams linked to the marketplace.

"A lot of confusion with this. Anytime there's confusion, it opens the door for scams," said John O'Hara, CEO John O'Hara.

You could find yourself caught in the insurance scammer's trap just by answering the phone.

"The big thing is people saying they work for the government. If someone is calling you asking to update your information. That is a definite red flag. Hang up the phone," explained O'Hara.

The BBB expects scammers to take advantage of people desperately searching for insurance before the first of the year. O'Hara said some people may pose as a broker, saying they'll help you shop for the best insurance. They may even charge you for their services.

Fake websites may also pop up, claiming to have cheaper rates in the insurance exchange.

"People will set up, just like we see in these disasters, people set up fake charities, disaster recoveries, that's the kind of things people need to be leery of," O'Hara said.

Remember that the government will not call you about enrolling in the Health Insurance Marketplace. They typically send out mail.

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