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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Meadow Forest Update

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Last Monday's Taking Back Our Neighborhoods report prompted a response from the Jackson city councilman who represents the ward where the eyesore is located.

The address is 3058 Meadow Forest Drive in south Jackson and Ward Six Councilman Tony Yarber said it has been a thorn in his side for awhile now.

Yarber said our 3 On Your Side report is speeding up action on resolving the issue.

 He said the property had been on his hit list since 2009. Yarber said the problem with getting it cleaned up is the fact that it now belongs to the State of Mississippi.

"Which has tied the hands of the city to a large degree," said Yarber. "But sometimes it takes these kinds of things to open the eyes of people who would typically have them closed."

Three days later, I found a notice posted on the property. It's dated September 23rd, the day our report aired, and it is a summons for a hearing on October 8th in environment court.

"I don't want to put a time table on it but what I will say is that it typically; a typical case like this will take about 90 days," said Yarber. "But considering that we are gonna expedite it, I look for it to be done in no less than about 45 days, hopefully."

And Yarber offers this advice to any Jackson resident who has a similar problem in their neighborhood.

"Don't feel like you're bothering us," said Yarber." Call us, tweet us, text us, email us; call 3 On Your Side; whatever needs to be done, so that we can put a laser like focus on these properties."

Yarber also encourages you to offer up ideas to help the city come up with a plan for the entire city. We'll keep you posted on 3058 Meadow Forest Drive.

Let us help you take back your neighborhood. Just send an email to Howard Ballou or contact me on Facebook or Twitter.

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