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Propane truck accident forces brief evacuation

COPIAH COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A propane truck accident caused a brief evacuation in Copiah County this morning. The Herrin Gas Company truck ended up sideways in a ditch on West Gallman Road.

Undersheriff Derrick Cubit says the driver, 53-year-old Craig Madison, experienced steering wheel failure, and his truck swerved across the road, then wrecked. He was taken away by ambulance and has moderate injuries.

Danny Hilliard, who lives across the street, says the incident took him by surprise.

"I just made it to the top of the hill. I thought it was a road check. But they stopped me, said they had hazardous conditions down here, a propane tank turned over on the side," he says.

Nearby residents were able to return home as soon as the wreck was cleared.

The official report of the accident does not mention any hazardous spill. @

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