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Ridgeland couple turned away from Grand Canyon

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Some 18 thousand people visit the Grand Canyon every day during the month of October, but not Tuesday. Among the thousands turned away from one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, a Ridgeland couple. They had their sights set on seeing the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It was on their bucket list.

Cleve and Karen Barham, the owners of Fine Eyes, spent months planning a side trip to see this national park. They drove 240 miles Monday to get to the canyon from Las Vegas, but there won't be a chance of driving through.

"All food and lodging closed," said Cleve, in a phone interview. "You can't get into the park."

it was beyond disappointing for the couple.

"The one day of your life you want to do something and think this is going to be a cool thing to do and ypi

"I really wish I had their email addresses," said Karen. "I would be sending them mad texts right now asking them what the hell are they doing or not doing."

Park workers are temporarily furloughed. All the planning, all the extra time they booked for vacation, all the cost, wasted.

"Those guys in Washington need to get it together," added Karen. "That's all I can say. It's ridiculous."

While they might peer over the edge of the rim, they opted for a better view. Helicopters were still flying. And the Barhams managed to book a backup.

"The couple of days we came early, that was to be our little mini vacation and the government has changed our plans on us," said Karen.

Visitors are being turned back. Workers will secure overlooks along a state highway that will remain open to through traffic and signs will say visitors have to leave, including two Mississippians who leave one of the worlds greatest landmarks behind and take home a bucket of dreams half full.

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