Government shutdown closes the Vicksburg Military Park - - Jackson, MS

Government shutdown closes the Vicksburg Military Park

VICKSBURG, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Vicksburg's top tourist attraction, the Military National Park, was closed Tuesday by the government shutdown. The park gates were locked and the last of 42 people who work there, were gone by noon.  

The Warren county Sheriff's Office is helping park law enforcement personnel patrol the park while it is shut down.

"We are doing everything we can to help law enforcement, to protect the resources here while the park is closed," said Sheriff Martin Pace. "I guess the federal government is the largest employer in Warren County.   I have been told that. You would certainly think so with all the government installations here in Vicksburg."

Many of those who came to see the park have found their way to the Old Depot Museum in downtown Vicksburg. Lamar Roberts, director, operates electric train displays here.   He says normal visitation is 30 to 50 a day but more than 100 are coming because of the shutdown, which he is not pleased about.

"What we have is the Democrats and Republicans," said Robert. "Left and right wing off the same buzzard, and all they care about is pecking the carcass. They don't care about the American people at all."

Even people who exercise by riding bikes and walking in the park are being kept out, which has made some people angry.

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