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Polk's Meat - Business Matters

It started out as something to keep Milton Polk busy in retirement, now four decades later his son and grand-daughter have made it the largest smoked meat processor in Mississippi.  John Polk bought his father's business in 1974 and after success and growth the company moved into its current home in Magee in 2000.

For the last 13 years Polk's Meat Products has sat prominently on Highway 49, and for folks headed to-and-from the coast you cannot miss it. A factor that Polk's CEO Julie Polk Breazeale says has done wonders for their marketing.

"When people are traveling they'll see us and they'll wonder what we make and then they see us in the store, they think, 'oh, I saw them on the highway'," Breazeale said. "It's actually a great billboard for us."

Best known for their variety of smoked sausage links Breazeale is now in charge of the third generation company. It has been that way since 2010 when here father John Polk semi-retired.

Now he is the chairman of Polk's Meat, as-well-as a state senator in the Mississippi legislature.  Meanwhile, Breazeale is calling the shots at the company she grew up in.

"When I graduated high school I started working here in the summers between college," Breazeale said. "I've done it all from working on the lines, to transportation, to scheduling, I've done everything."

Under her leadership Polk's has sustained its success as they are gaining traction in stores all over the east coast, while selling their sausages as-far-west-as Texas and as-far-north-as Chicago. Even the University of Alabama is on board making Polk's the exclusive sausage dog at their concessions starting this year.

Breazeale pins their success on two things: their stellar workforce of 110 employees and smoked meats that she can confidently take anywhere in the country.

"It's not easy, but if you demo and once you get people to try it, they love it," Breazeale said.

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