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Hood Furniture Plant remains an eyesore

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It was once known as the Hood Furniture Plant in Jackson, today it is depicted as a snake infested eyesore. Acres of land with rubble and an abandoned building sit just off Livingston Road in Jackson, west of the medical mall.

"All the riches over here are gone. So, because the riches are gone now they are gone," says Hinds County Supervisor Kenneth Stokes.

More than two years ago Hinds County Supervisor Kenneth Stokes says a company from Alabama bought this property with plans to remove the buildings.

"And at that point they were going to have everything torn down and if I'm right, within less than a years time. Now it's going on two years or longer and we still have eyesores over here that has not been cleaned up and they need to come and finish the job," said Stokes.

Stokes claims the company removed all the valuable metal and brick leaving the rest as a littered eyesore.

"We have homeowners around here that are affected. You're always scared about a body being found out here because it's wide open where anyone can come dump a body or anything else. It makes no sense that this was allowed to happen," added Stokes.

A body was discovered back in 2007. Another property owner at that time found the body about 100 yards inside the fence surrounding the old factory.

Stokes says he has hopes the city of Jackson will meet with the owners to find a way to make the property useful for locals.

"I'm hoping that since they have not cleaned it all off that the city of Jackson would negotiate with them and maybe the city and the county can do a join venture to put a nice park. A nice park with proper security would be great for this area," said Stokes.

I reached out to the city of Jackson to see who currently owns this property and what the city feels should be done, but my calls have not yet been returned.

The last time someone had plans to develop the property was back in 2007. As for now, the property remains abandoned with no plans of change any time soon.


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