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Possible cause of fatal church bus crash identified

Good Thursday morning from MSNewsNow's Brandon Artiles!

It's 72 degrees as we get things started today and it looks we have another beautiful day to look forward to. Meteorologist Michael Haynes will let us what we can expect and when in his First Alert Forecast.

Happening now, investigators believe they have discovered what caused a church bus from North Carolina to crash into an 18-wheeler and SUV on Interstate 40 in east Tennessee, Wednesday. The 3 vehicle crash killed 8 people and sent more than a dozen people to the hospital.

Plus, with tens-of-thousands across the country furloughed the government shutdown heads into day 3. Is the Obama Administration and Congress any closer to ironing out a deal? We'll take you to D.C. for the answer.

And, in the midst of "domestic violence awareness month", investigators reveal a history of violence in the relationship between a Wendy's employee and the man who Magee Police say stabbed her to death.

All those stories and much more are headed your way at the top of the hour.

Please join us from 5 to 7 and for more Mississippi News Now, check us out from 7 to 9 on Fox 40.

Have a great Friday eve!


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