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Your Turn: Is govt. shutdown a paid vacation?

We received a number of responses to my editorial after a bill that passed the House of Representatives that federal government workers on furlough get paid.  I asked "Is that just a paid vacation?" 

Tonya Michael

A PAID vacation is sitting at home while still getting PAID! Who knows when this mess will end...people may lose their homes. .their vehicles...etc...So what's VACATIONING about that?

Tracye Prewitt

If you are going to pay them why furlough them?

Calvin Simmons

Congress and the President are acting like 2 year old spoiled kids. Rather than putting the country and people that elected them first, they are doing what's best in their mind, for their political party. They can't realize they're destroying this country acting this way. The issue with not paying the Death Gratuity to the lost soldier's families is a perfect example. Maybe they will grow up soon.

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