Family urges more attention to fatal shooting - - Jackson, MS

Family urges more attention to fatal shooting

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Army Specialist Deundra Brown had only been home from training for three weeks when her husband, William Brown, was shot 12 times and killed on September 21.

"This is somebody I've been with for eight years. We just had a daughter who turned one in May," Deundra said through tears. I can kinda feel that she feels his absence. She wakes up, his picture is on the dresser and she points at it. She's used to seeing him every day. It's hard for her to grow up without her dad."

The shooting happened around 5pm that Saturday, at at the corner of Smith Robinson and Doctor Moton Streets. Jackson Police questioned the man who allegedly pulled the trigger, but didn't arrest him. They determined it was self-defense.

"He was the one who initiated the gunfire. He shot at the other guy first. Apparently he missed," JPD Assistant Chief Lee Vance told us on September 27.

But the victim's wife, mother, and 10-year-old son gathered outside the Hinds County Court House Monday, to urge District Attorney Robert Smith to dig deeper.

"They say he had a gun. I don't think he had no gun. But they just shot him, they killed him, kept on shooting him over and over," said the victim's mother, Jonell Brown.

Hinds County Supervisor Kenneth Stokes, who brought them to see Smith, Says he has heard from witnesses that there were two gunmen.

"After ten shots, then another man come out the bushes and shoot him two more times. They put Michael Vick in jail for dog fighting, killing dogs. We're talking about human beings, everyone's like it's OK. We say it's not right," he says. "You have killers. They're walking the streets in this neighborhood. They're gonna kill again."

We called the Hinds County Coroner to find out if more than one gun was used. The answer was not immediately available. 

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