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Venture Technologies - Business Matters

While getting ready for their annual technology fair on Thursday a homegrown tech company known for its cloud services is expanding their national footprint. Venture Technologies CEO Gerard Gibert says the company he and Norman Katool started in 1986 is expanding.

"We've recently launched an operation in Austin and we're ramping up the staff in that area right now," Gibert said.

That Texas office is in addition to other Venture locations in Ridgeland, Alabama and Tennessee. Plus, the future staff will be in addition to the 104 people who already make up VT's payroll.

Gibert says the expansion complements an aggressive acquisition strategy.  All these moves comes with Gibert's confidence that the IT industry does not suffer from the same economic uncertainties that plague other industries.

"It seems like the demand does not slow down even when there is a down-turn in the economy, because much of what we do is a way to offset that down-turn," Gibert said.

That type of outlook is not just good news for Venture, but IT professionals as a whole.

"We're constantly looking for good people," Gibert said. "This is an industry where the demand for talent greatly exceeds the supply."

With all the growth Gibert said they have not lost focus on the thousands of customers who depend on their multitude of services, such as offering organizations disaster recovery with their VT Cloud.

Now, Gibert is getting ready for the company's 13th Venture Technologies Annual Technology Fair at the Jackson Country Club from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on October 17.

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