Wednesday's Child-Akira - - Jackson, MS

Wednesday's Child-Akira

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Her younger brother has brought out the best in 11-year-old Akira. She is protective, more patient and understanding when it comes to DeAundre. She is hoping a forever family can see the positive changes she is making in her life in this week's Wednesday's Child.

Akira admits she has some things to work on.

"I describe myself as like, I'm disobedient I have to say that.  Why? I don't know. And what else? I have a bad temper", Akira said.

She says she has learned to think through situations before reacting.   Her brother DeAundre has also helped her. She has one unusual hobby she hopes to turn into a career.

"Be a professional football player. What got you so into football? I don't know. I like LSU and  always grew up watching football games", said Akira.

Akira enjoys singing and dancing. Her favorite class is learning strategies.  She says she has lots of friends.

"I like to go places, have sleepovers, and stuff like that", Akira told us.

This pre-teen has mixed emotions about foster care and adoption. The hardest part she says is being separated from DeAundre.

"I don't, anywhere I go I have to have my brother by my side. Like right now we're separated but it's okay because he comes over to my house all the time and I go over to his house and stuff", Akira said.

Akira has told her social workers she wants a single parent home.

"Because I don't have to hear as much arguing and stuff, like most people do", explained Akira.

For now Akira says she will watch over DeAundre until they find the family who will take care of them.  

For more information on adoption call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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