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Your Turn: Washington Redskins' name

With the controversy over the Redskins team name for Washington's NFL football team in the news I suggested that the Washington Redskins should drop the name Washington and keep Redskins. I think what Washington is doing is much more offensive than the nickname Redskins.

Here are a few comments we received:

Justin Powell: The problem with the Redskins nickname is that it is a derogatory term used against Native Americans. The examples you gave: Braves, Warriors, Blackhawks, are not derogatory terms. Imagine if there were sports teams called the Crackers, the China-men, the Yids, etc.

Nicci S. Howell : That's been the name for many years, yet they are just now becoming offended? Hmmm.

Faydra Hedrick Bailey: If the people offended by redskins are not full blooded Indians I wouldn't even blink my eye at them. But I do like the "drop the Washington".

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