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Digital dentistry aims for improved results

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The machine is called a Datron. Worth about $400,000, it's one of only a hand full in the United States. So if you're having restoration dentistry work, what's that mean to you?

"Once you mill things out now, their margins are right there. Everything is just right. It's so perfect. When they put the crown in, they don't have to do an adjustment. It drops in and the dentist is through with it. It's cemented in, they clean it up and they're ready to go," said Harold Thomas, the manager of Milled Innovations.

The company's goal is to shorten the process of making dental work, make it stronger and make it permanent. That means fewer trips to the dentist.

The Mississippi-based company does this work for dentist all across the country. "If you look right now, it's milling out a four unit bridge in that puck and a single," Thomas said, describing the Datron as it works.

Technically, it's called digital dentistry...something technician Kevin Hester transitioned to less than two years ago, although he's been in the business almost 30 years. "The scanners are so much better than they were in the past," he said. Hester says because of that, the error factor has been lowered greatly.

The aesthetics of the finished product are just as important as the fit and strength of the crown or bridge. Hester and Thomas finish that restoration by hand, with a palette of colors. "This is all your natural shades," Thomas said. "You don't want the tooth to be all one color. You want it to be all different colors coming down, so I'm just breaking it up just a little bit."

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