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JSU ticket-holders line up for refunds

People were lined up at Jackson State before noon Monday for ticket refunds for Saturday's homecoming football game against Grambling State.

"Being a single parent, other expenses, school expenses that's why I came out," said Dwin Harmon of Kosciusko.  

The people requesting a refund say they support the university but feel like they should be reimbursed.  

"I had so many other expenses and I was so disappointed about the game being canceled. So, I had to get some type of reprieve," explained Bonnie Smith of Jackson.

"Since I'm not a full time student, I'm just part time, and I have to pay and the game was forfeited, I decided to get my money back instead of giving it as a donation," said Nedrick Patrick.

Jackson State estimates 20,000 fans skipped out on homecoming.
The university figures the athletic department is in a $500,000 hole due to refunds and no concession sales.

"Hopefully we'll figure out a way to make it up without having to cut or penalize or do those kind of things, but again we're gonna have to figure out a way to make this money that again is just gone," said JSU Executive Director of University Communications Eric Stringfellow. 

The university won't go into specifics on how it plans to recoup the money lost from the game but legal action is always a possibility. 
So far, there's no word if Grambling State University will offer to help cover some of the lost revenue.

"In terms of them saying they're willing to write us a check, they haven't said that," said Stringfellow. 

It's a unique situation where fans, football players and administrators are learning what to do and how to react as they move forward.

"I've never seen anything like this and just hope that it never happens again. Just, it's a weird set of circumstances," said Stringfellow.

Grambling forfeited the game when players refused to board buses to make the trip to Jackson.

Last year's homecoming game brought $2.1 million in hotel room and ticket sales to the city of Jackson, according to the Convention and Visitors Bureau. 

The CVB is working to determine if the city lost revenue due to the game cancellation. 

The JSU ticket office will be open from 10 AM until 6 PM on Tuesday and Wednesday for fans to request a refund. 

Stringfellow said that people from out of town can mail in their tickets for a refund.

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