Byram Police stop parents hauling kids in back of U-Haul - - Jackson, MS

Byram Police stop parents hauling kids in back of U-Haul

BYRAM, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Byram Police officers intercepted a precious cargo in a dangerous situation Thursday morning.

It was an observant citizen who alerted police to the U-Haul truck with some questionable cargo.

Chief Luke Thompson says, "Someone witnessed some folks putting some children in the back of a u-haul truck. We were able to find the vehicle."

Officers stopped the truck on Siwell road, and when they opened the back door they found four small children in the back. After talking to the parents, they found they had fallen on hard luck, and were just looking for anyway out of town.

"Apparently their vehicle that they owned, the engine had some significant damage to it and it is not repairable so they've been in town for a few days. There's four small kids in the back of that truck of course that's not a passenger vehicle. that's a delivery vehicle. there are no restraints, there's no seats in the back of that truck for small children and we just can simply not allow someone to drive that vehicle with kids in the back of a truck like that," says Thompson.

Police did what they do best, protect and serve, providing the family with resources to reach their destination safely.


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