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Mom: A 1st-grader tried to stab my son at school

LEXINGTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A first grade student attempted to stab a classmate in the bathroom with a knife. That's what one mother says happened to her son while inside Lexington Elementary School.

Tiffany Williams says a school is supposed to be a safe haven for children, but now she questions that, frustrated that her son's attempted attacker is back in school.

"Tears just began to run down my face, I literally began to cry," said Tiffany Williams.

Williams says it was a nightmare. Her six year old son came home from school and said he was almost stabbed.

"You send your kids to school thinking they are going to be safe, but just the fact that my child could have been killed in the school, like, it just sends something all over me," added Williams.

Williams' son is a first grader at Lexington Elementary School. She says she received a call from the school back in September that her son was in the bathroom with other students when another child pulled out a knife, but reassured her there was nothing to worry about.

Much to her surprise, later that day she learned, her child and another student were almost stabbed with that knife.

"He said he ran to go tell his teachers," said Williams. "Once the teachers and the janitors got in they found that the student had placed the knife in the toilet."

Since the incident, Williams says was investigated and confirmed, she has had meetings with the principal and the Holmes County School District superintendent. She just learned this week the child was given a nine day suspension.

"The superintendent told me the child had gone before the disciplinary board and the board stated that the child could return back to school," said Williams. "I really became upset then because to me you are sending a message that a child can bring a knife to school, have it in his possession, try to stab somebody with it and the only thing he gets is a nine day suspension. To me that is un- acceptable."

The school's superintendent says the child did receive adequate disciplinary action and the District Review Committee decided against expulsion for one year.

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