Cleaning up Jackson one block at a time - - Jackson, MS

Cleaning up Jackson one block at a time

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

With a garbage bag in one hand and a tool to pick-up trash in the other Mayor Lumumba led by example Saturday morning.

The Mayor said city beautification is a launching pad to resolving other metro issues.

"It's a beginning of a working together effort which can lead to solving the more complicated problems like crime and lack of economy and economic growth," Mayor Lumumba told WLBT.

One block at a time Mayor Lumumba and volunteers picked up Jackson's litter throughout each ward.

"I am a Jackson resident even though I didn't grow up in west Jackson I've been seeing this look like this for the longest so I wanted to come and help," said volunteer Chelsie Nichols.

In addition to cleaning up along city streets Mayor Lumumba said his administration is working to get rid of the city's excess number of abandoned homes. The courts have to rule that dilapidated homes are a nuisance in a neighborhood. Once that's ruled the city can take over.

"We're going to try to see if we can keep enough money in the budget to tear them down," said Mayor Lumumba.

Once old and unlivable properties are torn down the Mayor said the public can help out by taking advantage of the city's "Surplus Property Unit."

"Selling lots and things of that nature at an inexpensive basis or at least loan them out for gardening and things of that nature," said the Mayor.

Everyone is encouraged to keep Jackson clean. Small tasks like picking up litter when you see it and throwing items in the trash can go a long way.

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