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Concussions could interfere with school work

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Concussions are common occurrences in athletics. Experts recommend any player who suffers a head injury rest up.

Now a new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics finds a concussion should not only take student athletes out of play, it could also keep some of them out of school.

Authors of the report say young people who suffer from concussions can appear physically normal in class, but when it comes to school work, they may have trouble learning new things and remembering what they learned. Researchers also warn returning to school too quickly after a head injury could worsen the symptoms of a concussion.

Studies show it usually takes about three weeks for a school-aged athlete to recover from a concussion. The new report recommends if symptoms to the concussion are severe, some children may need to stay home from school within that time period.

If the symptoms are mild, parents may consider sending their child back to school, with a few adjustments to their schedule. In all cases, the length of time should be discussed with the child's pediatrician.

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