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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Nightmare on Pine Hill

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

I received an email from a viewer complaining about two blighted properties on his street. We found one house at the intersection of Pine Hill Drive and Iroquois Avenue.

Clearly, 4087 Pine Hill Drive has seen better days, bordered with majestic pines trees. But today, it is deteriorating with cracks in the structure; possible signs of shifting caused by Yazoo clay.

Also, it doesn't appear the yard, neither front nor back has been maintained; knee high grass and shrubbery growing wild. The owner listed on the Hinds County land roll is Walden J. Curry.

But City of Jackson community improvement manager, Claude Smith says, a case scheduled for April 16th was closed because the owner, he identified as Greg Woodcox, did significant work on the property.

Smith says a new case was opened October 4th on 4087 Pine Hill Drive. He says the owner, Greg Woodcox, will be notified by certified letter and the case will go before an administrative hearing judge on a date to be set.

However, Greg Woodcox called and emailed me, after our story aired, saying he has not owned the property for ten years. He had, in fact, maintained and improved the property until it was sold. Woodcox has successfully restored several historic Mississippi homes since then.

We will keep you posted.

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