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Wednesday's Child-Jhuntavius

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This week's Wednesday's Child dreams of the day he has his own parents in the football stands cheering him on. Winning for Jhuntavius means having his own home and his own family. He told us about his hope for a family fan club last year but he is still waiting.

Jhuntavius was first featured on Wednesday's Child four years ago.   Now almost 18 years old  he says he hasn't changed much. He still enjoys video games, watching football and shopping.

"I like the Detroit Lions. I can tell. I like the Boston Celtics. Very good. So those are your favorite teams? Uh huh.. Do you have a favorite player? Calvin Johnson", Jhuntavius said.

He has played football but says right now he is not on his high school team which he is disappointed about. Jhuntavius wants to be an architect and hopes to use his interest in science to develop buildings.

"My favorite class? Science. We dissect frogs and stuff. So its hands on. Yeah hands on", explained Jhuntavius.

Jhuntavius is kind and enjoys helping others. He often takes younger peers under his wing to guide them in the right direction, using his own life experiences.

"I am athletic, smart, talented, outgoing and nice", said Jhuntavius.

Although he has been featured on Wednesday's Child several times, Jhuntavius says he has not given up the dream of having a two parent family who will teach him things that he has missed out on growing up in foster care.

"I would like for them to be at half, at least half of my games when I play football or basketball or one of them.   I would like for them to be nice and just listen sometimes to what I have to say", Jhuntavius told us.

Jhuntavius says the most important thing about being adopted is knowing you are wanted.

You can get more information on adoption by calling the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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