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What are you doing to fight crime?

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Law enforcement leaders have said in the past that people on the street often know much more about crimes, and who's responsible, than they tell police. But they won't come forward for fear of retaliation, or because they don't want to snitch.

Brad "Kamikaze" Franklin, Jackson talk show host and commentator, urges people to come forward. Franklin is a board member of "Our Fondren", his neighborhood association, and says he knows the patrolmen in the area by name. He says the fear of retaliation could be overcome with more community support.

"It can be dangerous. But if you have 9, 10, 20 people on a street who have gotten together and gotten organized and said we're not gonna tolerate this on our street, there is definite strength in numbers. If you are someone who is seeing something happen in your neighborhood, it's not snitching to let someone know there is something out of whack on your street," he says.

Franklin says any neighborhood, no matter how low the income, can band together and assist police in the crime fighting process.

"It's up to us as a community to start coming together," he says.

Fondren is not immune to crime, but residents there don't accept it.

"We are doing some proactive things to put neighborhood watches together, putting street captains together, those are the things we're doing instead of complaining about police. They're here to serve and protect but they're also here to get help from us as a community," he says, adding that neighborhood groups can be put together anywhere, no matter the crime level.

Lee Harper agrees. She owns Koinonia Coffee House near Jackson State University. But she points to a separate problem that she believes is a driving force behind crime in Jackson and across the country.

"We continue to have people victims of gun violence. And it's absolutely unnecessary," she says. "It's upsetting, especially when you can't get your legislators to do anything about it except argue back and forth."

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