Residents march against violence and for peace - - Jackson, MS

Residents march against violence and for peace

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

With posters in hand Hinds County Supervisor Kenneth Stokes and other community leaders marched Sunday against recent violence in the city of Jackson.

About voiced their prayer for peace while walking down Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

A prayer rally ended at Cornerstone Baptist Church. Inside the sisters of Sherrod Brown and Eldra Gibson, two of the four people killed last week on Moon Street, spoke about their loved ones.

"He had a big heart. He would do anything for anyone. He would give his last to anyone. He did not deserve this. Justice can be served," said one of the ladies.

Family members vowed to ensure justice would be done in the case. They also asked for prayers, believe something positive can come from the tragedy. 

"I just hope that they can see that this was a senseless crime and you don't have to revert to violence. You can talk it out, and hopefully this will just let people know it can happen to anybody; to anyone's family," said Tempestt Gibson cousin of Eldra Gibson.

Gibson added, "He was a very big hearted person. Whatever you needed he would give to you. He never met a stranger. We just ask that you continue to pray fro our family."

Spiritual, Hinds County, and Jackson police leaders urged the crowd to work with law enforcement by calling 911 if they see something wrong and organize neighborhood watches, because there is strength in numbers.  

"Much has been said about the term snitch, alright, but I don't think it's being a snitch. I think it's an individual doing its civic job or responsibility,"said Jackson Police Chief Lindsey Horton.

"It's gonna take us as a community to become sick and tired, sick and tired of all of the killing, sick and tired of all of the violence, sick and tired of all of the crime, and I believe we are just about there. We're gonna have to join together with the police department and work together and turn toward each other and not against one another," said Jackson Ward 3 Councilwoman LaRita Cooper-Stokes.

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