Controversial flyer circulating in Hinds Supervisor race - - Jackson, MS

Controversial flyer circulating in Hinds Supervisor race

HINDS COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Darrell McQuirter is a Democrat,  but the flyer insists he's a Republican. Pictured on the flyer is a few hooded Ku Klux Klansmen, along with the claim that McQuirter has racist friends in the Tea Party.

It states "The Tea Party is the new name for the KKK". At the bottom it says, "Paid for by Concerned Citizens of Hinds County District 2", the district that Al Hunter currently holds as Interim Supervisor. He's running as an Independent against McQuirter.

We caught up with McQuirter, who says he's hurt and offended by the flyers.

"It's a fearful tactic that's being used, or a hateful tactic, and that's just not right," he says. "We need to be addressing the issues of Hinds County, trying to figure out ways to solve some of the problems we got. Get businesses to stay here, not continue to sit here and fight each other over nonsense."

The flyers have been circulating for several weeks, because they also state that "Clinton Mayor Phil Fisher and former Mayor Rosemary Aultman are counting on you to forget about the runoff on Tuesday." The runoff was October 8.

McQuirter says the flyers have been in District 2, and even in the parking lot of a grocery store. The flyer mentions former District 4 Supervisor Phil Fisher, claiming he's a Tea Party member, which he's not, and also pictures Aultman as someone to be wary of.

Fisher, who is currently Clinton Mayor, tells us by phone he can't believe the tactics.

People we spoke to in District 2 also seem displeased.

"I think there's no place for this type of flyer, especially in 2013," says one District 2 resident.

"You still got hatred in Mississippi,"says another.

McQuirter says the flier is only part of the dirty tactics he's experienced.

"We've been in the race, this is our third hard race, we've bought a lot of signs, but for some strange reason all my signs have disappeared," he says.

Hunter's name is not mentioned on the flyer, and he has denied having anything to do with the literature. 

In statement released this afternoon by Hunter's campaign manager, Brenda Hunter, Hunter says:

We did not have anything to do with the flyer. We do not condone negativity. We have run a clean campaign and we have respect for our opponents.

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