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BDAY 99.1 FM - Business Matters

A broadcasting entrepreneur thinks he may have figured out time travel and the way to do it is through the radio. Gerold Smith takes his audience "back in the day" on BDAY 99.1 FM everyday and has done so for a little more than a year.

Fueled by nostalgia and classic hip-hop the 36-year-old has been established as the youngest radio station owner in the state. A title the Jackson State University and Provine High School graduate achieved after doing it all in the business.

"I started from scratch, started cleaning the building, from there I was on-air, after on-air I became assistant programming director, then I became programming director of a station down on the Mississippi gulf coast," Smith recounted.

Smith attributes BDAY 99.1's success to the station's format and talent, such as DJ Fingerprint on the turntables and on-air personality "Lil Homie". Despite alternative outlets for music lovers through satellite and internet radio Smith remains confident in the service BDAY provides.

"Pandora can't give you an accident on I-55, or an accident on High Street, but the power of radio can," Smith said. "Radio is word of mouth on steroids."

Radio is Smith's passion, and it is a passion so deep he saved five years worth of paychecks from working on the line at Nissan in Canton.  That saved money allowed Smith to take advantage of an opportunity when it presented itself.  An opportunity, that according to Smith arrived years ahead of schedule, but he is certainly not complaining.

"I set a goal for 2015, and that was in 2010 and I didn't think it was going to happen in 2012, so when the opportunity came I jumped at it," Smith said. "I had to, because this is what I know, this is what I love, this is what I do."

BDAY 99.1 is currently located in Brandon, but Smith would like to have the station in his hometown of Jackson in the near future.

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