Construction takes bite out of business - - Jackson, MS

Construction takes bite out of business

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The price of progress is tapping into the profits of small businesses in one section of Jackson. All four lanes along a section of North West Street are closed due to a major repair project. This is taking a bite out of a well-known haunt for burger lovers.

The repaving project has been underway for 4 months from Millsaps Avenue to Woodrow Wilson. Traffic is being detoured.

Confusing for burger lovers trying to weave their way to CS'sm very popular restaurant. So why do foodies flock here? Amelia Rizor and her sister agreed on one thing; "The food and Pat Boland, he's a wonderful man. Known him since college. Love me some CS's."

CS's is located just up the street from the North West street project. A customer leaving the restaurant with a pile of tea and plate lunches said he has to go out of his way to get lunch. "Do you have any problem navigating your way here? Patrick replied, " Yes. I do. I have to come Mill Street and come in."

Even though signs are up pointing the way, business is down. Inez has worked here since 1979, and has a burger named after her.

"People love this place but business is off a little. She replied, "Very much so. Off a lot. The road is shutdown and it is affecting us real bad. We are hurting real bad from it. But we sure appreciate the road work."

 The same goes for a gas station on Woodrow Wilson at North West Street. It's surrounded with blocked off streets, signs and pavers.

"Yes it's been really bad on business the past 3 months," said owner Randy Phillips. "Losing probably 200 gallons a day. Yeah, it's really been terrible."

The BP station has seen a 30% drop in business. And is closing an hour and a half earlier now.

The owner of CS's restaurant says his business is off about 40% because of the construction and detours.

But it's not stopping some longtime customers. Amelia placed her order and said, "No nothing is going to stop me from getting here. "

No word from the City on when the road work will be completed and North West opened up for traffic flow again.

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