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Raytheon expands radar production in Forest

FOREST, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Mississippi-made radars are keeping our men and women safe in combat. That mission will soon expand at Raytheon.

The company announced Monday that they will be adding 150 new high-skill jobs at the Forest, Mississippi, plant.

"We will set the pace in an ever competitive environment in the defense industry for airborne radars and battlefield radars," said plant manager Bob Hildebrand.

As veterans were hononred, military leaders also looked ahead to Raytheon's role in bringing future veterans home safely.

"There are people standing watch right now using the equipment you build because of the work that you put into it," said Brigadier General Gregory Kennedy of the Mississippi Army National Guard.

Governor Phil Bryant is making it clear that the defense industry isn't the place to make cuts.

"I hope our leaders in Washington understand that does not need to happen. This is a very dangerous war and if we don't manufacture the equipment, the military men and women need, we send them into harm's way without the protection they deserve," said Bryant.

The state is putting in $8 million dollars to help with the Raytheon expansion. Much of that will go to workforce training.

"Not only do we have the workforce but we have an educable workforce. We have a workforce training program in Mississippi at community colleges that's second to none. They can take these individuals and train them for the jobs that raytheon and other technology companies might have for them to do. And put them to work in a matter of months," explained Senator Terry Burton, R-District 31.

Salutes at the event exteneded to those making sure the high-tech radars get sent to the U.S. and its allies.

"You're part of our team. You understand. You are part of our team. It is because of you that we are able to go forward and do our jobs so we are grateful to you," said Brigadier General Gregory Kennedy.

This is Raytheon's 30th year in Mississippi. This year, they significantly ramped up their fighter-jet radar production.

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