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Jacksonian fed up with crime

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Jackson man hit by thieves twice in the past month is fed up with crime has had it. Two Honda mopeds were stolen from his back porch.

Marty Lind loves mopeds. He drove 6 hours to Oklahoma last Wednesday to buy a Honda Grom for $5,000. Sunday night it disappeared.

The wheels on the 200 pounds motorcycle were locked. Making it impossible to push. Thieves had to pick it up and haul it out.

"They've really got a lot of nerve," said Lind. "I really think they were scoping out the house and believe me I'm ready for them when they come back."

A cold wind was blowing Tuesday, but Lind is still hot under the collar. He lives in Belhaven, just off of North State Street. After being hit by thieves twice in the past month, he has a for sale sign in the front yard.

"I'm fed up yes, I'm moving out of Hinds county," said Lind. "I'm done with Hinds county. I'm moving to Rankin or Madison."

Lind posted his crime on Facebook saying "I have had enough. I will be leaving Jackson for good."

He says he made several calls to the Jackson police department's main number and no one answered. Then he posted he was offering a reward and calling Bert Case.

A police spokeswoman refutes his claim, saying a dispatcher answered his call and that this case remains under investigation.

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