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Fortification Street frustration

Road work is continuing on Fortification Street, east of State Street, but the heavy machinery is parked and collecting dust on the west side.

"I'm just really upset about it and I think something should be done immediately," said motorist Renee Riptoe, who flagged down our news crew to voice her concern.

She travels the roadway all the time.

"As you can see, today is a beautiful day, said Riptoe. "No one is out here working. The street is tearing my cars up, it's making the businesses go down." .

"Maybe it will pick up later on, but as of right now, pretty slow," said barber Kershmann Stokes, referring to the empty chairs in the Spurs Barber Shop.

Kershmann says business has been down more than 30 percent since the north lanes of Fortification Street were torn up for improvements. He says workers came out months ago and began working in the area outside the barber shop, but then stopped.

"It's a lot of people that don't come because the street is messed up," added Stokes.

Back in August, we reported that a big hole and broken sewer line held up construction in the area. The Jackson City Council didn't immediately approve a new work order from Hemphill Construction to fix it. Councilman deKeither Stamps says the council did finally approve it.

Stamps says questions about any delays should be answered by Hemphill Construction.

We left a message with Hemphill, and also talked to the supervisor on the job. That supervisor told us to direct our questions to the mayor's office.

The mayor's spokesperson had no room on her voicemail for us to leave a message. 

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