Making A Difference: The Mississippi Heritage Trust - - Jackson, MS

Making A Difference: The Mississippi Heritage Trust

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Of all of the assets Mississippi has, one of the most important is a rich and deep past. And people from all over the country come here to visit our past, because we have so much of it still standing.

From the antebellum homes and civil war battlefields to more modern places where significant events happened. One of the jobs of the Mississippi Heritage Trust is to see to it that our past remains a part of our present. And one way they do that is to publish a list of the 10 most endangered historic places in Mississippi.

The most current list will be unveiled tonight in a ceremony being held at The Cedars, one of the oldest buildings in Jackson, darting back to stagecoach days.

Lolly Barns is the executive director of Mississippi Heritage Trust and says saving our old places is important.

"Well, they tell a story," said Mississippi Heritage Trust Executive Director Lolly Barns. "Tell a story of who we are as Mississippians and I think that years from now we will be remembered for what we valued and what we saved, and what we let go. It says something about us."

We here in Jackson have had the advantage of having many of our structures put on the 10 most endangered list. Probably one of the more notable success stories is the King Edward Hotel.

Many of us who've been around for a while remember it sitting on the west end of downtown, a disaster on the verge of imploding the whole area around it. Adding it to the list in and of itself didn't save it, but it brought attention to its plight, which attracted investors who saw the potential in it and they saved it.

School children around the state have drawn pictures of saved buildings, or those in need of saving, and those pictures have been hung from the walls in the front rooms of the cedars and will greet the people tonight, who will be the first to know the names of the 10 most endangered historic places in Mississippi this year.

And hopefully someone will be attracted to the list and create the solution to save those places, and in so doing, will Make A Difference for all of us.

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