Christmas on Ice opens - - Jackson, MS

Christmas on Ice opens

MADISON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Families can catch the "Disney on Ice" show here in Jackson through Sunday, but if you actually want to get on the ice yourself...well, you can do that now too! Christmas on Ice is back!

Gliding on the ice, holding onto the side to stay up and a small fall here and there...Christmas on ice is back and without a doubt lots of fun for kids.

"I like how they made the slides bigger and I like how they rearranged everything, said James  'Jazz' Houston, a third grader.

During the first Christmas on Ice in 2012, mom Bekki Hall brought her daughter Kalor for a good time.

After coming out regularly she noticed that Kalor who had never skated before had a passion and a gracefulness on the rink.

"By the end of the season I noticed she was picking up other moves so we went to Olive Branch to try that rink and they offer basic skills," said Hall.

Every weekend Kalor and her mom drive 240 miles to Olive Branch for lessons.

Kalor is so good now that she performed on opening night for Christmas on Ice this year.

Kalor's love and skill on the ice has sparked some big dreams.

When it comes to ice skating what do you want to do when you get older? "Go to the Olympics and Disney on Ice, Karlor said."

Ice skating isn't just fun for Kalor, but her mom says it's given her daughter, who has a mild case of autism a safe place to express herself.

"For so long I was her co-dependent speaking and now she has a voice and ice skating brought that voice it did it changed one person's life," Hall said.

Christmas on Ice is set up through January 5.

 For more information about Christmas on Ice log on to their website.

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