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Controversy as Iron Horse Grill readies for business

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A longtime downtown eatery is nearly back in business. This week the finishing touches are being completed at the Iron Horse Grill, but not without controversy. 

Former Iron Horse Grill owner Ken Crotwell tells Mississippi News Now he is not exactly thrilled with the new restaurant opening, even though he sold off his property.

"They say they're re-opening," said Crotwell. "It's not a re-opening, it's a completely new entity. They took my goodwill."

The new owners say they've bought the trademark to use the Iron Horse name and logo.

Developers of this restaurant say they're even surprised at the amount of buzz this restaurant is causing. They posted a small portion of their menu on Facebook and that got 33,000 hits.

Doors to the Iron Horse will open at 11 am for lunch Monday. The restaurant was forced to close it's doors in 1999 after two fires gutted the well known eatery.

The new owners bought the place in 2010 and began their plans to renovate. The new restaurant has a larger footprint, but retains some of the old brickwork, and wood from the original building.

Right now the finishing touches are going on the building. One hundred twenty employees are going through training. The entire renovation cost $6.5 Million to complete.

"This is about downtown Jackson and it's back and it's coming back and were so happy to be part of it," said developer Joseph Simpson. "And it's not just me, I've got other investors. That means so much to this project but it's about a group of people who believe in downtown Jackson and it's back and were part of that and it's really exciting."

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