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The Bike Rack - Business Matters

FLOWOOD, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

40 years ago this month two pharmacists made up their minds that the prescription for getting fit was found on two wheels, and they have been peddling bikes ever since. From the moment Tom Martin and his business partner Jim Ballard opened the Bike Rack in November 1973 the business has always been about more than bikes.

"This is a sport, a lifestyle that we really embraced and can see the benefits for others," Martin said.

Now, celebrating their 40th anniversary, the lifestyle remains Bike Rack's top product. A lifestyle geared toward fitness and overall health.

"When folks come in here to buy a bike from us or look at a bike their primary interest is fitness," Martin said. "They want to lose weight, they have high blood pressure."

Much has happened in four decades including changes in scenery. Their original location was on Robinson Road in Jackson. A few moves later they ended up at their current location on Lakeland Drive in Flowood in 1999.

In addition to surviving a few national economic crises they have endured challenges from competitors. Like success in the Tour de France, Martin attributes their longevity to a strong team.

"People come here to make a career, it's not a passing thing for them," Martin said. 

For experts such as Michael Harrison who custom fits bikes to Bike Rack clients this is not just a job but a passion. And, Martin's bike technician Rex Harrison has been with the Rack for 25 years.

They provide the type of customer service that Martin says keeps riders coming back.

"I've got generations of people that come in and say, 'Mr. Martin, I remember you when I was a kid and got my first bicycle and now I'm getting one for my son, my grandson or my granddaughter,' that's pretty satisfying," Martin said.

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