Increased police presence at Murrah High School - - Jackson, MS

Increased police presence at Murrah High School

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Murrah High school was put on lock down Wednesday, after an escalating number of fights. 

Parents of students say they received a recorded message telling them more security officers were being brought in to handle the clashes.

Jackson police were in also patrolling the outside of the school Wednesday.

Some of these incidents were videotaped and put on social media sites.

Among the fight video is an actual fight schedule, which names which students are fighting each other, and where and when that will happen on the campus.

The last item on the schedule is a shoot out in front of the school.

Students say they've seen as many as five fights a day.  

Senior Matthew Nelson says, "I guess since school is coming out and everything people are trying to get their aggression out, fight, because the break coming up so they're trying to get all that going on and just fight everyday."

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