Businesses welcome sale of Landmark Center in Jackson - - Jackson, MS

Businesses welcome sale of Landmark Center in Jackson

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

UMMC is hoping to purchase a The Landmark Center in downtown Jackson. UMMC says it would move office operations downtown to the 367,000 square foot building to free up other space on campus and move out of rented office space.

An influx of new workers creates synergy according to Ben Allen, director of Downtown Jackson Partners. "

It's huge," said Allen. "Some 300 employees. Its very much needed. We have about 40% vacancy rate in downtown now."

For every person that works downtown it's estimated they spend about $120.00 weekly. New workers would generate a new revenue stream to bolster the local economy.

The price tag is $6.25 million dollars. It's up to the College Boards' Health Affairs Committee board to approve it.

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