Making A Difference: The Salvation Army and Us - - Jackson, MS

Making A Difference: The Salvation Army and Us

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The people Making a Difference today are us; because it is time for the Red Kettle Campaign for the Salvation Army. And it is we who make the contributions, and it is even we who volunteer to ring the bells in some instances. And what is given in the kettles Makes A Difference to so many people.

Usually, the Salvation Army Red Kettles don't go out until Black Friday. But Thanksgiving being so late this year, some locations have allowed the bell ringers to set up early.

And who hasn't reached in their pocket and pulled out the change they just got and put it in the kettle on their way out of a story at least once during the season.

Well, all of those dollars and five dollars and 20 dollars add up. And Captain Ken Chapman with the Jackson Area Salvation Army says it is distributed widely in the community over the course of the year.

"There're actually 1.5 million soldiers in the entire world for the Salvation Army. So we're actually the largest army in the world. But we do an awfully lot of work, particularly here in Jackson," said Captain Ken Chapman of the Jackson Area Salvation Army. "We have social services. We help people with any kind of human crisis, rent and utilities and food. We feed over now, it was 40 but now it's approaching 50,000 people a year right here in Jackson. We have our center of hope. We provide shelter for 50 men and women every night of the year. We have project new start that takes people out of prison, gets them back into productivity, helps then get a place to live. We have the learning center, we have after school programs, tutorials. Senior citizens programs. Performing arts programs, a developmental sports program and we have a work fair program with our family stores that help get people back into productivity, back into the work force, rehabilitation services, getting people off of drugs and alcoholism. And any time a disaster happens the salvation army is there."

The holiday season is the time of the year the Salvation Army is most visible, out in front of our favorite stores ringing bells. But from what captain Ken just told us, obviously they are there all year long for someone.

And here's our chance to help out, help people we'll never know, by stuffing a few bucks in the bucket when we pass by on our way in and out of stores as we shop for Christmas. It's a very seasonal way that all of us can Make a Difference.

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