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Duck Dynasty's Mississippi Connection

Tony Pasko Tony Pasko

Most of you have either seen or heard of the television series, Duck Dynasty. While it takes place in neighboring Louisiana, the popular show has a distinctive Mississippi flavor thanks to a musician from Meridian.

Fans of the hit show, know and love the familiar slide guitar riffs at the end of certain scenes throughout the program.

The man who created that music is Tony Pasko. He lives in Meridian, Mississippi. Pasko's Duck Dynasty sound has become so popular, he is almost as much a celebrity as the characters in the hit reality show.

Pasko once worked for Peavey Electronics and he was writing music for a rock band when he got a call from California. The producers of the show wanted music that sounded like the region and Pasko sent them some samples.

Before long he got the call asking if he had ever seen Duck Dynasty. He admitted he had not and Pasko was advised that he should probably start watching A&E's mega hit because his music is being used on the show and he will be paid for it.

So, even though Duck Dynasty is based in Monroe, Louisiana, Tony Pasco does Mississippi proud with his musical contribution.

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