Meridian superintendent denies discipline rules driving away tea - - Jackson, MS

Meridian superintendent denies discipline rules driving away teachers

Meridian's school superintendent says it's not true that discipline rules are driving away teachers.

State Rep. Charles Young Jr., a Meridian Democrat, asserted last week that many teachers were leaving because they could no longer control students.

But Superintendent Alvin Taylor said fewer teachers have left so far this year than in the previous three school years. About 2 percent of the district's teachers have left during the first four months of school, Taylor said Friday.

The Justice Department sued the city of Meridian and Lauderdale County in 2012, saying students were being improperly arrested for minor infractions like flatulence or vulgar language. The school district started a discipline program in 2012-2013 aiming to keep children from being suspended or expelled from school low-level problems.

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