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3 On Your Side Investigation: Who killed Lee Burns?

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In our special cold case report, I dusted off the books of an unsolved cold case murder. Despite all the investigations, all the forensics. No one knows who brutally beat Georgia Lee Burns to death 15 years ago.

The family continues to hold out that someone with knowledge of the crime will come forward. @@ On a November cold day Henderson Burns walks quietly through a Jackson cemetery. He is gripped with emotion. And struggles daily to end the torment of who killed his beloved sister Lee Burns.  "Somebody beat her. She was beaten to death and kicked. Stomped with cowboy boots, maybe yes."

44 year old Lee Burns was kidnapped. What we have learned is her abductors took her to Pocahontas and dumped her body in a pond down a rural road. This was June of 1998.

At that time, former JPD spokesman Robert Graham told WLBT News, "We did receive a report today. She had been seen at an area hotel in the company of several individuals. We don't know if she was voluntarily with these individuals."

We learned she may have been kidnapped by two men from her Sunset Apartments home after a night on the town. There was evidence of a struggle in the apartment.Burns recalled it this way, "Somebody had got to a fight up in there. Her dress was torn." 

Lee Burns car was later discovered hidden just a few blocks away behind Hinds Community College. "Security guard said a short man and a redheaded woman brought that car back." Burns is convinced that man is a relative and had something to do with the murder of his sister. He would not reveal the source of his information but told me, "She asked me, said have you, all found out who killed Lee, I said no. She said you gonna be surprised, it's somebody in the family."

Burns has passed his fears onto investigators. We have learned they believe Burns may have been kidnapped by drug dealers and beaten to death in retaliation for an unpaid drug deal involving a close family member. Suddenly the case takes a turn for the worse. That bothers Henderson Burns, "The problem with this they said it was drug related. It wasn't drug related Marsha. It was not drug related." @

Despite contradictions over the motive and killers. This cold case murder mystery remains unsolved. The trail has gone cold. Yet investigators continue to hold out hope writing this to Burns in a letter years ago. "There is someone out there who has that crucial piece of information needed to bring this case to a close."

I said, "1998, that's been a long time." Burns replied, "It's been a heck of a long time. I want closure I want people who did this to pay for it."

Henderson Burns voice cracks, he moves slowly due to leukemia. But he vows to live out his life trying to avenge his sisters' murder saying, he will never stop searching for the killers or justice.

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