AAA: 43 Million Americans to Travel for Thanksgiving - - Jackson, MS

AAA: 43 Million Americans to Travel for Thanksgiving

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

JACKSON -- Millions of travelers will hit the road from Wednesday to December 1st for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, that's according to AAA.

Of those travelers, AAA says 90% will be driving on the roads throughout the weekend.

" I think I'm going to stay here, I'm from Hattiesburg but I think I'm just going to stay here for Thanksgiving," said Stephanie Jiles of North Jackson.

Approximately 39 million will be driving by car, couple that with nasty weather hitting our region and it can make for driving disasters. People like Jon Wiggins say he's going to stay in.

"Speeding, that's something that you have to keep under control when it's raining also you may run into a little ice you know just keep the speed down, that's what I say, keep the speed down," said Jon Wiggins of Grenada.

 For us here in the Capitol City we are not expecting severe weather like up North, but we can expect some precipitation like sleet and ice. Black ice can cause major accidents.

"You're talking about a combination of sleet and ice, the black ice that could form over the next couple of days, very dangerous, hazardous conditions for motorists and even for those who may be experiencing it, may not have the right gear for it, most of us down south don't have the right equipment for it," said Don Redman, Public Relations Representative from AAA.

M-DOT says it has crews on standby ready to treat the roads for your safety, but it's important to be cautious.

"Cause you have to watch out for yourself and you have to watch out for others too, because everybody don't drive the same on that highway," said Wiggins.

AAA also estimates that drivers will pay the cheapest gas prices this Thanksgiving holiday since 2010.

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