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Shopping on Thanksgiving illegal in some states

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Stores raking in the cash and shoppers getting early deals. It's the new reality of Thanksgiving Day. But did you know that it would be breaking the law if you were in certain states?

Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island, still have decades-old laws on the books that make it illegal for stores to be open on turkey day.

In Mississippi, it's not against the law to open up the stores and offer those early deals on Thanksgiving. But a lot of those business owners don't believe in it.

Boots and More CFO Lisa Knight says they're all hands on deck for Black Friday. But around the dinner table Thursday.

"We think that being open for business is counter-family," said Knight. "We believe in our people spending time on holidays, when they've got the time off on holidays, with family."

Folks doing early shopping had mixed feelings about stores opening on holidays.

"I would expect that as family-oriented  a state as Mississippi is that would not be the case that we'd be open on a Thursday for Thanksgiving," said Ginger Plaisance of Florence.

Another shopper, Obadiah Stokes said,

"They have the right to be open," said obadiah Stokes, another shopper. "I don't see no reason why they should be closed on Thanksgiving day."

Tammi Stringfellow of Agricola, Mississippi doesn't think they should be closed all day.

"It should be up to the employee and it should only be in the evening time--after 7 o'clock maybe," said Tammi.

Lawmakers don't agree with a blanket law that dictates who closes up shop.

"I think that we should leave well enough alone," explained state representative John Moore. "In Mississippi, we moved away from the blue law situation and it's kind of a local issue. Let the businesses decide,"

Senator Kenny Wayne Jones-D, District 21 said,

"I don't want to dilute the message of spending time with family," said state senator Kenny Wayne. "But at the same time, for tax base purposes, economic development, we've gotta say shop till you drop."

Some big name stores have decided to keep their doors closed this Thanksgiving---including TJ-Maxx, Barnes and Noble and Home Depot.

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