Thieves Look For Easy Targets - - Jackson, MS

Thieves Look For Easy Targets

Crimes of Opportunity

Good evening this is Maggie Wade! Happy Thanksgiving! Here is a look at some of the stories you'll see on this Thanksgiving Eve, tonight at 10 on WLBT!

In two separate incidents shoppers have been robbed by armed thieves. Annette Peagler will have some tips from police on how you can protect yourself and your property!

Did you know it is against the law in at least 3 states for retailers to open for business on Thanksgiving Day?  We'll have details!

We'll have an update on the 14 year old who fell from a train trestle today near Terry.  We have his identity, more on his injuries, and video from Skycopter 3.

Will it be a cold Thanksgiving holiday? Chief Meteorologist Dave Roberts may have a First Alert Forecast that will at least warm your heart!

And Sports Director Rob Jay will tell us about the recipient of the Kent Hull Trophy, he will have highlights of the Mississippi State, Jackson State basketball game, and an update on tomorrow night's Egg Bowl where a freshman quarterback may lead the MSU team against Ole Miss!

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