Deputies, Wildlife officials investigate illegal hunt - - Jackson, MS

Deputies, Wildlife officials investigate illegal hunt

RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Rankin county deputies and the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks are hunting law breakers this Thanksgiving. 

Deputies were called to the intersection of Cato Road and Highway 18 Thursday morning, after a witness saw someone shoot a deer from the intersection.Li

Lieutenant Craig Williams of the Rankin County Sheriff's Department says, "A black pickup truck pulled over here at the intersection of 18 and the driver got out of the vehicle and propped up on the window and shot a deer.  You cannot hunt from a public road discharging a firearm from a motorized vehicle, shooting from a public road is illegal."

It took just one shot to kill the adult doe, who fell over in a privately owned field about 75 yards from the road.

Investigators say an eyewitness followed the hunter and got their tag number, which they provided to deputies and wildlife officers who were also called to the scene to investigate.

Authorities say the hunting laws were designed to protect people.

"With high powered rifles, they'll travel so far, go in a house, there's no telling what could happen," says Lieutenant Williams.

The fine for this type of hunting infraction, $100 to $500. A hefty fine when a license to hunt deer legally is just $32.00. @

Lieutenant Williams says, "As many deer as we have in Mississippi and opportunities folks have to hunt, this is ridiculous in my opinion to take and shoot a deer on the side of the road cause not knowing who else you're going to put in danger or anything else like that it doesn't make any sense."

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