Stores open on Thanksgiving to lure customers - - Jackson, MS

Stores open on Thanksgiving to lure customers

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

As soon as the doors opened Thanksgiving afternoon, the rush was on to find a big discount.  

Most shoppers are looking for electronics, such as TV's, but even recliners are being rolled out the door at Cowboy Maloney's Electric City.   

Some customers have a specific item, others are just looking, and for some it's a tradition to shop on the holiday.  

"Yes, I want to because I have all the energy. So it just kind of comes natural," explained Deva Wade of why it's a tradition for her to shop before Black Friday.

Shopping on line is popular, but most people are willing to wait in the cold if the price is right.  

"This is my only stop. I did the rest on line," explained Jackson shopper Erica Webster. She says there's a reason she shops online. "So I wouldn't have to make more than one stop."

"Well, I do a little bit of both but it's worth the deals to stay in line," said Jamal Hicks of Morton.

This is the first year Cowboy Maloney's has opened on Thanksgiving day. It was just for three hours but could have a big impact.  

"We felt like it was important. We are Mississippi's major appliance dealer. And as such, we feel like we can't let other people open when we don't. So, we had to make a choice and we made this choice for three hours. We hope it was the right choice," said Con Maloney.

Stores know they have to lure customers in, hoping they'll find something else to buy.  

"The first $100,000 we sell, we will loose money on because the prices are actually below our costs. But we understand that and we realize that you build a foundation for the christmas season," explained Maloney. 

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