Navagis - Business Matters - - Jackson, MS

Navagis - Business Matters

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A tech company right here in Jackson has become an international player in the world of geo-spatial data. While they have a respectable list of clients overseas they are ready to make their move in the U.S.

Two Mississippi software engineers want companies to use their product and Google maps to provide a new direction for business. Navagis already provides their service to a myriad of utility and tele communication companies in the Philippines and Indonesia, but co-founder Ben Hubbard explains why local businesses may be calling on their service.

"Take their data from all their different parts of the organization and bring it together into a single, Google-based map," Hubbard described.

While CEO David Moore is in Navagis' Singapore office, Hubbard is orchestrating things from Jackson.  Moore started Navagis in 2008 as a Google Enterprise.  Their affiliation with Google means they work hand-in-hand with the tech giant.

Navagis software engineers enhance Google's geo-technology to provide company's with "visual data".

"I can quickly, more easily visualize it on a map, than trying to peel through 10 different spreadsheets, or five different databases," Hubbard said.

For instance, the Philippines largest utility uses Navagis.  Navagis software provides the utility's analysts with data on substations as-well-as their five million customers.

So, when there is an outage workers can respond faster.

"We helped them increase their overall outage response time by 25 percent," Hubbard explained.

They also provide service to the Philippines second largest telecom. With a footprint in Asia Hubbard said they want to bring their software to American companies.

"My main focus is working with some of the local companies here in Mississippi and the southeast (U.S.), primarily from a utility and telecommunications standpoint," Hubbard said.

After being named Google Enterprise partner of the year in Asia in 2012 Navagis has been put on the map and the company's founders are excited about the future of Navagis.  

Navagis now employs 14 people and has offices in California, Singapore and Japan. 

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