Season of Giving first recipient chosen - - Jackson, MS

Season of Giving first recipient chosen

PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

"Thank you," says a toddler into a WLBT News microphone. This tot's words echo the full hearts among the family members at a home in Pearl.

Sherry Parker is receiving something she's never, ever had before. New furniture. "Never. First time for everything. First time," she said. 

Sherry has a roof over her children's heads, but she needs more, and now she has it. Her family is this year's first recipient of the Miskelly Season of Giving. Sherry is overwhelmed as she sees the merchandise being delivered into her home. "Bunk beds. A queen bed. A living room. Mattresses. And I don't know what else."

Alan Vonderhaar, also known as "Dr. V.", and Miskelly representatives make the delivery, with a full heart of their own. "This particular family, their big need was mattresses. They just moved into a new home and they didn't have any place for the kids to sleep. It's really a way to reach out to the family so they can have quality family time with their home furnishings," Vonderhaar said. 

It's a big deal for the Parker's, and it's fitting for the Season of Giving for Miskelly furniture. For the time, the Parker family, has something many of us take for granted. "Comfortable," says one of the older Parker children. 

A perfect beginning to this family's fresh start. Sherry greatly appreciates a gift her children will enjoy most. "It's going to be good. To have their own bed and just everything."

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