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Man accused of shooting task force agent makes court appearance

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The man accused of shooting at U.S. Marshals Task Force agents on Archer Avenue Tuesday, made his initial appearance in Federal court Wednesday. Thirty-eight year old Arturo Rodriguez is charged with assault on a federal officer.

Rodriguez was shot by Task Force members, who were searching for Lucious Perkins.  His injury was non-life threatening, just grazed in the head by the bullet.

Wednesday an A.T.F. officer assigned to investigate the shooting testified officers had received intel Perkins may be in the home from the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

He testified that as they approached the home, someone opened the front door, then slammed it shut.

He also testified that the officers yelled "Police!", and entered the home.

During their search he says someone pointed a gun at them through a doorway.

Officers fired in the room. When they entered they found Rodriguez hiding under a bed, and a .22 caliber pistol. They have not been able to determine if Rodriguez's fired that gun.

A narcotics officer who was outside the home was grazed by a bullet.

Rodriguez's case is will be reviewed by a grand jury. Today in court, we also learned that Rodriguez is in the U.S. on a 6 month visa.

He will remained jailed while public defenders say they plan to file a motion to dismiss the case, if an indictment is not handed down.

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